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People’s Auto-Organisation

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

This century presents us with a unique and unprecedented opportunity to embark ourselves in a profound process of re-humanization.

By increasing and reaching higher levels of self/collective awareness we have established the foundations and the capacity to transit into a new era of developing the emerging new thinking, new beliefs, reassess our perceptions and our identity.

New evolutionary conditions are allowing us to achieve deeper and higher levels of human consciousness and wisdom. Our future is in our hands and particularly in hands of the next generation, whom are and will be the main agents of change.

We human beings have all what it takes to auto-organise (co-organise) and self-lead ourselves (co-lead) to secure "quality" in everything we do.

Quality living in our locality, in our regions, in our institutions, in our economy, in our ecology, in developing new eco-sustainable practices and new ethical standards and new culture in entrepreneurship, institutions and organisations.

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