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A change that is important to people, can only be done by people



HCI serves organisations, communities, groups, networks, entrepreneurs who are seeking assistance, guidance, facilitations, to pursue quality human inclusivity, promoting self-respect and respect for the dignity of others.


Inclusivity means that we include as wide as we can, businesses or politicians can not in themselves change the current state of our societies and our environment, we need others participants; young people, communities, social movements, etc.



We help you to inter-connect your organisation with a rich network of people and organisations where we learn from each other, including NGOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, think-tanks, and academics as well as leading businesses.


HCI assists and seeks to empower corporate organisations, medium and small size businesses no matter their industrial, commercial, financial, services or other activities.


We practice “entrepreneurship for the benefit of all and our planet". We believe you have everything that its take to embody this too.  


We support you with new and visionary approaches through leadership programs, short courses, workshops, conferences and conversational forums.  


We advise organisations seeking open, quality and  transparent human interactions and relationships. We assist organisations to define individual and collective purpose(s) and principles, to make a difference to society and to the wider environment.


HCI assists coaches, consultants, individuals to realise their potential: we want to assist you in developing quality in everything you do. It is our wise conviction, that in doing so we serve the whole and we contribute to a better future for us all.

We support you to become a catalyst for human transformation, to care for your people and our planet.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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