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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations"  Nikola Tesla

HCI delivers consultancy, leadership programs, courses, workshops, coaching, webinars. We produce, publish research and analysis.  We deliver seminars, conferences, events, in a variety of fundamental issues concerning the transition to quality human development and our planet, covering areas such; eco-sustainability, governance, accountability, transparency, open democracy, borderlessness and boundary-lesssness, open identities and belongings.


Our master program addresses the fundamental factors impacting in the unprecedented societal transformational shift humanity is currently experiencing. 


HCI is a leading participant in this wave of change and for us leadership in the XXI century is all about People, Planet and New Science.


Technology has a big impact on society and we know of its enormous potential, but transforming society requires more than just technology.


Our Master Program makes the connection that the future of humanity is intrinsically intertwined with the future of our planet and of technology and science.


Our leadership programs account for the multi-dimensional and multi-sensorial approach to human transformation. They are holistic and multi-disciplinary.  We go beyond leadership by intertwining three dimensional approaches; eco-systems, consciousness, and creativity as unifying dimensions.


We design and facilitate transformational and innovative developments based on co-learning and inclusivity to support local, regional and global leaders to develop new thinking foundations, to acquire the ability to develop new quality questions, quality conversations, new quality actions, by enhancing the Quality of Human Connection.


We help leaders to go beyond established pre-ordained and predetermined thinking foundations. To assess what has emerged and realize that nothing is impossible, transformation is not a choice. 


As a new leader you will have the ability to empower others, so the transformation is relevant and significant and you can have a direct impact in society.


You will care about your people, care for our planet and you will use technology and science for the benefit of all and the make an impact in the wider environment. You will be equipped to bring others and together make a difference.


Together with you, we explore how you can develop, enhance and enrich new ideas and new thinking. We assist executives to reach a position from which they can develop quality questions, re-frame these questions and engage colleagues into quality conversations and ultimately transform them into actions.


The new quality actions are embodied and embedded in you, you are equipped to make a difference, to increase the visibility of key fundamental societal issues and you have a direct impact on them.


Through design and systemic thinking, we assist executives to draw up a visual understanding of the emergence of key scenarios in which transformation can take place. Here we introduce the principles of safe space, inclusivity and co-learning. 


Our programs included “creativity”, where arts meet science, we use simulation, imaginary realities through among other disciplines.


This will empower you to reach a position from which you can implement improvements, bettering your human sensors, your spirituality and planetary dimensions


We aim at reaching high-level knowledge and wisdom on how society works and how society can be transformed for the benefit of us all.



These unique programs go a step further in human conductivity


You have reached a certain level of awareness and now you want to adopt an eco-sustainable business strategy to reorient your company or sector. You now wish to develop socially responsible products and services. 


You understand that eco-sustainability means you are developing a quality and conscious organisation. You would like your organization to be recognised by the quality of its people and by the quality of its products and services.


By now  you clearly understand what does it takes to improve and better human relationships within your business or organisation. 


We engage with you in a conversation based on some significant questions; What are you here for? What is / are your purpose(s)? What are your principles? How your people and products can become a catalyst for greater changes? What does means to you to develop self-organised, self-managed and agile organisation?.... .


We are part of a worldwide network of leading practitioners, scientists, academics, for example; experts in system and design thinking, epigenetic, quantum thinking, neuroplasticity, eco-biology, neuro-biology.  


Our outstanding partners are forward-thinkers, the very best in their respective fields, we bring them to you.


Together we deliver a new co-learning experiences so you really know what HCI is all about.


Upon your request, we can design a program just for you i.e.; on innovation, digital transformation, creative, conscious, inclusive leadership, coaching the coach, etc.


The courses can be delivered both on-line in the form of webinars (series) and live, depending on location.


We count with the very best in coaching. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals that have a wealth of practice in both executive and organisational coaching.

We continuously train and re-train ourselves.  We came from diverse coaching backgrounds and we aim at synchronising our expertise to be ready to deliver a multi-dimensional and multi-sensorial approaches to serve your needs.


We make a direct and immediate impact, you will get to know yourself better, you will increase you level of awareness, consciousness and ultimate wisdom.


You can deploy the learnings in private, professional, social, and entrepreneurial environments.      

Need more details? Let’s talk

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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