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New Science: EcoHumane Consciousness

The old scientific paradigm has caused the unprecedented destruction of our planet and the brutal process of dehumanization by reducing life to a degraded, debased and undignified transactional commodity.

Old science has disempowered human beings by reducing our living into a mere monetized merchandise of perpetual consumerism and has provide the "scientific and ideological" foundations for powerful nations to created a world of endless wars.

New science is contributing to the abandonment of the old scientific paradigms, inspiring us to opt out of the historically dominant cultural thinking narrative that has maintained our existence, our culture, our identity and our belongings, as fixed, rigid, preordained and predetermined.

“We are not predetermined, preordained or inescapable destined by an historical flawed, simulated reality of power”,

New science empower us to co-create a new qualitative human reality. New Science generate the foundations to "hack the hacker" , to find the keys of the 95% of unconscious mind and unlock our self-imposed chains to reprogram, reset, an awe ourself to achieve high levels of eco-human consciousness.

Our new thinking is systemic, multidisciplinary, multidimensional, multi-sensorial, is an integrative set of new knowledge foundations. In this matter, mind, energy, life - all are entangled and intertwined living systems, and culture, identity and our belongings and affiliations are fluid, dynamic, complex, non-linear, open, and ever evolving.

We practice “new science” is the emergence of new cosmovisions to include quantum physics (thinking), epigenetic, neuroplasticity, eco-biology of human cognition, electrodynamics, electromagnetisim, new discoveries in science, technology and digital transformation.

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