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Inclusive and Direct Democracy

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Members are involved in establishing the new foundations for a new inclusive and direct Democracy Model. We go beyond the destructive enlightened binary practice of “winner takes all representative democracy”.

Citizen have all the potential to transform existing practices, to develop new open societies and human wellbeing where transparency, accountability, traceability, governance and sustainability are fully enforced by ourselves.

Inclusive, Direct democracy is a permanent process of collective conversations to find and secure share agreements as what type of society we want to live in. Its means permanent inclusion and participation of citizens at all levels of a society's decision-making process. Inclusive and Direct Democracy is for us a dynamic and permanent living process of quality citizen participation in their respective territories.

Inclusive and direct democracy means that we as a community can create and develop our own capabilities, skills, expertise to deliver for ourselves; quality education, quality health, quality housing, quality eco-environment, quality transport, quality democratic and participative entrepreneurship, quality socially responsible and sustainable products and services.

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