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Stimulating and enhancing the quality of human connections (conductivity) so that relationships,

people and our planet flourish




HCI is an inclusive community, open to professionals, scientists, practitioners, activists, thinkers, academics, from diverse backgrounds and continents. Through our focus on human conductivity, we are a multi-disciplinary, multi-perspectives, multidimensional, multi-sensorial institute. HCI aims at shaping the emerging future as its evolves.


HCI delivers consultancy, leadership programs, short courses, workshops, coaching and webinars. We conduct, produce and publish research and analysis.  We organize and deliver seminars, conferences, events, in a variety of fundamental issues concerning the transition to quality human development and quality caring of our planet.


Our professional relationships and work are based on co-creativity, collaboration, co-responsibility, co-operation, co-inspiration, co-learning, building a shared meaning and co-owning the new language that emerges from our conversations.



HCI is not only a network of thinkers, as we aim to go beyond the "connection" per se. We explore and establish what is between the connections, (conductivity-energy) and how we can further enhance the connections that exist in human relationships. 


HCI conductivity is the energy of life in itself; it includes the conductivity-energy of the body, the mind and the spirit, the is CONDUCTIVITY of vibrations, frequencies, resonances, waves, synchronisation in the communication process. WE LISTEN WITH LOVE. As such, it is fluid and continuously evolving. We aim at developing a new human culture and quality practices in which life is intertwined with the future of our planet, as a living eco-system.


Together, we share our experiences, our knowledge, our spirit, our energy and our holistic human wisdom for the benefit of us all. HCI is an inclusive community deeply involved in addressing fundamental issues concerning the future of humanity and our eco-system.

We are committed to a better future for the coming generations, through an enduring purpose to develop quality human relations, to protect and to nurture our planet. We know that the future needs new types of humane practices and the caring for our planet will be in the hands of our younger generation.  


HCI focuses on active citizen participation and citizen action at all levels, to ensure a qualitative and open democratic process of auto-organization, auto-representation to foster transparency, to secure accountability, quality governance and eco-sustainability in order to contribute to a better future for us all.




For HCI we are a "Sistema Sapien" a wise human and planetary system, (from within and without ). Our inner universe and the whole universe is connected and conduce energy, intertwined and entangled that have the capacity to generate human and planetary consciousness and wisdom. Our inner eco-system is composed of billions of cells, tissues, genes, neurons, eleven bio-chemical organ systems, energy transmitter systems (conductivity-information); connected to our outer universe; family, friends, community, society, biosphere and our planetary system.


We are made of the same energy as the universe, we are an open, evolutionary, multi-dimensional, multi-sensory, a multi-perspective eco-system of human wisdom. Everything exists in a constellation of relationships and collaboration from the inside-out, and from the outside-in, where everything is possible. 


Sistema- Sapien is an open system of human wisdom that is enhancing humanity to establish that everything is possible, nothing is fixed, rigid or predestined, that everything - energy, matter, mind, life - they are all systems that carry living energy intertwined, unified, and indivisible.


Sistema Sapien is auto-organised eco-system, is auto-sustainable, adapting and continuously moulding to new environmental demands and needs.  Sistema Sapien aims to evolve beyond the boundaries that constrain our human potential, and develop new thinking systems to engage ourselves and others through the emerging human wisdom.



We cannot build new quality human relations and nurture our eco-system with outdated scientific paradigms. The old scientific narrative is exclusively binary, does not take into account the total system and the impact of choices, practices and outdated models on the whole. 


The practices of scientific materialism have caused a brutal process of dehumanization and the unprecedented destruction of our planet (denaturalization). Dominant "rational-logical" scientific materialistic practices have reduced life to a degraded, debased and undignified monetized commodity. It has reduced, fragmented and separated our mind from our body, our body from our spirit, human from humans and humans from nature. This is a catastrophic and collective failure of human thinking, and the dominant paradigms that have sustained it.


The old fixed and rigid scientific paradigms and dogmas have decayed to the point of an irreversible collapse, a process of continuous systemic crisis of its individual parts (corporate, economic, political, social, ecological, spiritual, moral, ethical) these are interconnected, entangled  if one dimension fail it has an impact on the others, for HCI these individual expressions are in fact parts of a systemic crisis of the whole.


We aim at providing a holistic response to the fragmentation and separation of our spirit, feelings, emotions, from our real human experiences. We find in “New Science”- The Science of EcoHuman Consciousness – a framework that is totally compatible with our views of human conductivity.  


We embrace New Science, because in it nothing is fixed, rigid, unchangeable, pre-ordained, pre-determined or inescapably destined by a biased, flawed, constructed or simulated reality of power.  


In human conductivity everything is fluid, flowing, living, complex, integrative, systemically intertwined, an ever evolving and open process of quality human energy.


Thus, when we combine them, all aspects of the human experience are intertwined as a part of the whole, from within and without.


For us there are no paradigms, no dogmas, no eternal truths, HCI applies “New Science” - quantum physics, quantum thinking, epigenetic, neuro-plasticity, neuro-psychology, living eco-systems, cellular eco-biology of human knowledge - as our emerging, new, open and ever evolving thinking foundations aiming at achieving new quality human co-existence and quality co-habiting with our planet.


We co-create and go beyond reductionism, we are not predestined by our neurons, or by our genes, or the belief that "data" determines who we are. At HCI go beyond the narrative that we are fixed by our culture or that our nation-state citizenship and language determined our thinking.  


Our planet and our societies are undergoing an irreversible shift based on rapid scientific and technological discoveries; fast changes in all spheres of our life, in a way that humanity has never witnessed before.


This societal transformation has provided us with foundations to pursue a new systemic view of life.


We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb

We are visitors on this planet. 

We are not the owners of Mother Earth.

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of human connection so that relationships, people and our planet flourish.


HCI purposely contributes to organise a systemic transition from the current outdated, damaging, degraded, commodified, transactional thinking and rigid beliefs practices into the emerging new quality human thinking, practices and new quality eco-sustainable living.


HCI identity is based on a quantum leap thinking;

1+1 > 3, Connectivity + Conductivity > Consciousness.  


We develop quality conductivity between people and with our eco-system by deploying our key principles.


  • Safe Space – to develop, secure and sustain a safe and creative space, willingness to be in the space, release everything, let it go. Practice humility, develop quality questions, reframe them, sustain quality conversations. A space to bring out our voices, with confidence to express who we are, a space for mutual understanding and respect, a space for openness, a space for sharing to increase awareness, consciousness, an insightful space.

  • Inclusivity – everything exists through relations. Inclusivity is the ability to embrace the conductivity of our mind-body-spirit as a whole. It is a holistic practice; from within and without, it is oneness and wholeness, it is our ability to listen, it is participative, collaborative, co-operative, it involves co-creation, co-ownership, co-sharing to increase human consciousness. Inclusivity is multi-dimensional multi-sensorial, multi-disciplinary, integrative, intertwining the “other and I” as “we”.

  • Co-Learning – to increase the ability to engage in quality actions via co-sharing and co-learning, co-inspiration, co-responsibility, co-creation, practices of innovative thinking. It is to go beyond existing practices and knowledge. Co-Learning is purposely seeking and developing togetherness (WE LEARN). We aim at achieving quality human wisdom.






HCI is inclusive and we are open to professionals, activists, leaders, coaches, consultants, individuals from any discipline and in any location, who share our purposes and principles.


Our members share the belief that our purpose, our practices are for the benefit of humanity and society as whole, for our environment and to practice respect and sustain dignity amongst people.



Founder-ConductorsOur organization has been going on for more than 7 years, we started from the concept of; Quality Questions, Quality Conversations, Quality Actions. 


Since then, we have evolved to become the Human Conductivity Institute (HCI).


HCI continuously applies quality connectivity, quality conductivity and quality actions as holistic approaches (multi-disciplinary, multi-sensorial- multi-dimensional) into new practices of human conscious empowerment in human relations and quality relationship with our planet.


Human ConductorsCo-Create.jpg



We conduct regular meetings to enable members of HCI to share their experiences, knowledge and together generate a new co-learning environment where new ideas and new practices emerge and flourish for the benefit of us all.


New members are welcomed to attend one of our induction sessions and open events to understand HCI and how to use our principles, framework and methodologies and apply them in your working and life practices. 


HCI holds two day residential workshops in either London or Brussels locations. Dates of workshops will be posted in our website. 


If you would like to become a member-conductor of HCI, please send us your current profile to, answering the following question:


What is it about our Principles, Purpose and Objectives that appeals to you? 


We actively network, participate and collaborate with other sister organizations and leading practitioners in shaping the new future as its emerges and evolves.


We are part of a worldwide network of leading practitioners, scientists, academics, for example; experts in system and design thinking, epigenetics, quantum thinking, neuroplasticity, eco-biology, neuro-biology and several other professions and practices “from art to science”. 

HCI is associated with Regent's University Business School and IRELAC.  (Interdisciplinary Institute for the Relations between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean)


IRELAC it is an independent association, based in Brussels. It is a member of the European networks CEISAL (the European Council of Social Research on Latin America), REDIAL (European Network of Information and Documentation on Latin America), the global network LASA (Latin American Studies Association).

Need more details? Let’s talk

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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